Mahalo to Our Veterans

In honor of Veteran's Day, I thought it would be nice to write a mahalo to our veterans. Especially in the month of November, people tend to focus more on gratitude. In Hawaii, the word for thank you is "mahalo" and the concept of mahalo is to be grateful in all things, both in good... Continue Reading →

5 Types of Tourists in Hawaii

I thought it would be fun to write a little article about the types of tourists you might see in Hawaii. This can definitely be applied to any place you go, but from my observations, travels, and just from being a tourist myself, I think there are certain types of tourists all over. Can you... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Utah Drivers

Dear Utah Drivers, I wouldn’t be writing this letter if I hadn’t almost died almost every single day I’ve been driving here in Utah. You’re probably thinking, “That’s such an exaggeration,” but it really isn’t. Coming from Hawaii, I can still remember the first time I got onto the freeway to visit my great aunt... Continue Reading →

5 Ways Nature Can Heal You

I went to Bear Lake this past week, and I think it definitely makes it into the list of my most memorable experiences--and that’s for a variety of reasons, the biggest being the fact that nature is a healer. I’ve been pretty tired and put out about a lot of things in my life lately,... Continue Reading →

Why Kindness Matters

There’s one thing my coworker said that really made me think--and it wasn’t even related to feelings or thoughts. He always wears sweaters, and at the beginning of the week, when he wore a sweater and the weather was still drenched in the summer heat, I asked how he could stand it. He said, “I... Continue Reading →

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