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Are you a Hawaii local living away from home? Are you a Polynesian living on the mainland? Do you have friends from Hawaii? Or maybe you’re someone who’s always wanted to visit Hawaii but just haven’t had the chance yet. This is for you!

I’ve collected my experiences and thoughts on being the Hawaiian girl I am while living on the mainland. Some of my articles are funny, and some are sad, but they all have the same purpose: helping you find your sense of place. 

If there’s one thing I’m fascinated in, and am still figuring out myself, it’s that Polynesians have so many stereotypes and attitudes attached, that it’s hard to break through as my own person. As I’ve lived around the world and especially on the mainland, I’ve had so many experiences to help me figure out who I am as a Hawaiian, where I fit, and how I can contribute.

With that said, there’s something here for everyone, whether you’re just trying to gain perspective or if you’re a Polynesian like me trying to find a sense of place in the world. Find some of the coolest and informative articles about living the high life away from the aloha state. Start by checking out the About page or reading one of the most recent posts by clicking on the Blog menu and scrolling through.

I love connecting with people and trying new things, so I’m always on the hunt for Polynesian events, gatherings, and, of course, food places. As you’ll see throughout the blog, I go out every once in a while to gather with other Polynesians living on the mainland, such as my experience at Iosepa. Or, I go out on adventures to experience the beauty of the mainland, such as my Bear lake trip. And, of course, all of my articles have a touch of Hawaii in them.

I also enjoy creating videos of my adventures, so don’t be surprised to see those hanging around at the end of some of my articles. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive updates of new videos. Like and follow my Facebook page to also stay up to date on my latest adventures, posts, and reviews! 

Each month I also have a giveaway, which you can win by going to my Facebook page and doing certain things, such as sharing or liking a post! Other than that, I’m so glad you landed on my page and hope you enjoy reading about and sharing my adventures! I also hope I can help you find your sense of place in the world as a Hawaiian or Polynesian! Mahalo nui loa for visiting!

Much aloha,

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