Ka Lōkahi: Unity

While there are many good things to be in harmony with, I think the most important are not things, as cliche as that sounds. True happiness in this life comes when you are in harmony with God and with your spouse. Lōkahi is one of my favorite words of all time. When I was 14... Continue Reading →

What is #LightTheWorld?

What is #LightTheWorld? You’ve probably seen it by now; your facebook feed shows your friends adding “Light the World” frames to their profile pictures, an instagram photo shows a family donating water bottles with the #lighttheworld, or you see signs or posters with these three bold letters with pictures of Mary holding a newborn babe.... Continue Reading →

8 Things I Learned at the Manti Pageant

I looked forward all week to attending the Manti Pageant--and not only because I was able to get out of work early. 😉 I was looking forward to having my spirits lifted by good company and wholesome entertainment. Manti Pageant certainly delivered.   As I reflect on my experience in attending the pageant, I found... Continue Reading →

The Real Reason I Started this Blog

I think a lot of people wonder what’s the point of this blog? Who’s going to read it? Why even try creating a blog for locals when they’re so diverse? Also, how can you make money off of a blog? “You can’t make money off a blog like this.”   To be completely honest, these questions... Continue Reading →

Triggers of Hawaii Fever & Nostalgia

It’s snowing today. It’s the middle of May and it’s snowing. The weather is crisp and cold, and small drifts of snow fall from the sky. WHY is it snowing… especially right now? We’re almost halfway through the year and it’s snowing. Well, it definitely makes me miss the warm, and appreciate the nice weather... Continue Reading →

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