8 Things I Learned at the Manti Pageant

I looked forward all week to attending the Manti Pageant–and not only because I was able to get out of work early. πŸ˜‰ I was looking forward to having my spirits lifted by good company and wholesome entertainment. Manti Pageant certainly delivered.   As I reflect on my experience in attending the pageant, I found that there were many lessons I learned. I’m incredibly self-reflective, … Continue reading 8 Things I Learned at the Manti Pageant

A Few Thoughts on Mainland Luaus

I actually think it’s really cute and fun when people have β€œluaus” or Hawaii-themed parties on the mainland. I’m a Hawaiian girl through and through, and even though these kind of events are pretty fake (involving synthetic leis and overly bright aloha shirts) and not even culturally accurate, I love that the concept of β€œHawaii” brings out something special in everyone. I really believe it’s … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Mainland Luaus

The Real Reason I Started this Blog

I think a lot of people wonder what’s the point of this blog? Who’s going to read it? Why even try creating a blog for locals when they’re so diverse? Also, how can you make money off of a blog? β€œYou can’t make moneyΒ off a blog like this.”   To be completely honest, these questions and objections have come up time and again as I’ve … Continue reading The Real Reason I Started this Blog

Memorial Day at Iosepa

If you ever thought about going to Iosepa for Memorial Day weekend, I would recommend it. To be completely honest, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. My expectations were that the event would be too long, maybe fake, and that people would be closed off. However, I was proved wrong by the kindness of other people, and by the successful … Continue reading Memorial Day at Iosepa

Triggers of Hawaii Fever & Nostalgia

It’s snowing today. It’s the middle of May and it’s snowing. The weather is crisp and cold, and small drifts of snow fall from the sky. WHY is it snowing… especially right now? We’re almost halfway through the year and it’s snowing. Well, it definitely makes me miss the warm, and appreciate the nice weather in the islands. With that said, I started to feel … Continue reading Triggers of Hawaii Fever & Nostalgia

Leis to Make if You Live on the Mainland

It’s graduation time again! Remember when you graduated in Hawaii? The leis were piled so high that you practically suffocated through all the plastic, flowers, and leaves. Your hair got all tangled up in the leis, and plastic beach floaties ran from your waist down to your feet. Your arms probably felt like lead, weighed down by leis as you tried to balance bouquets of … Continue reading Leis to Make if You Live on the Mainland