Who Is Pele?

Madam Pele in the Current News The Big Island of Hawaii is getting hit pretty bad right now. Earthquakes, lava flows, and endless amounts of vog are affecting all of the BI residents. I’m not there, but I keep receiving text messages from people asking if my family is ok. It was early in the... Continue Reading →

What’s the big deal with the numbers 808?

If you’re from Hawaii, then it’s not difficult to explain why the numbers 808 are significant numbers. You’ll probably laugh, but there are many number combinations in Hawaii that mean soooo many things to people. For example, certain zip codes become almost sacred numbers to certain people too. Briefly explained, 808 is the area code... Continue Reading →

Joys and Woes of Polynesian Dads

  I think pretty much all dads are the same: tough on the outside but having soft spots inside. The way they show that soft spot is different for each dad. This Father’s Day I decided to focus mostly on Polynesian dads, because they are very much like other dads, except there are a few... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day at Iosepa

If you ever thought about going to Iosepa for Memorial Day weekend, I would recommend it. To be completely honest, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. My expectations were that the event would be too long, maybe fake, and that people would be closed off. However, I was proved wrong... Continue Reading →

Endearing Things Polynesian Moms Do

It’s Mother’s Day, and that means we get to celebrate some of the world’s most special people: moms. I know we should celebrate them everyday because seriously, moms have THE hardest jobs. They have to possess the skills of caretakers, nurses, babysitters, nutritionists, and storytellers (to name a few). But at least we have a... Continue Reading →

Leis to Make if You Live on the Mainland

It’s graduation time again! Remember when you graduated in Hawaii? The leis were piled so high that you practically suffocated through all the plastic, flowers, and leaves. Your hair got all tangled up in the leis, and plastic beach floaties ran from your waist down to your feet. Your arms probably felt like lead, weighed... Continue Reading →

Why Merrie Monarch Gives Us All The Feels

At this time of the year, your Facebook feed might be exploding with videos and articles about the Merrie Monarch. Your friends from Hawaii are probably posting things like “So proud of…” and then some long Hawaiian name, like “Halau ka lei Mokihana o Leina’ale” for example.* Or they might be making 4-5 worded comments... Continue Reading →

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