8 Things I Learned at the Manti Pageant

Don’t forget to watch the video about this here!!!

I looked forward all week to attending the Manti Pageant–and not only because I was able to get out of work early. 😉 I was looking forward to having my spirits lifted by good company and wholesome entertainment. Manti Pageant certainly delivered.


As I reflect on my experience in attending the pageant, I found that there were many lessons I learned. I’m incredibly self-reflective, so in whatever I do, my metacognition seems to be constantly moving like the waves of the sea. And, of course, with the Manti Pageant, I was able to feel spiritually lifted, enlightened, and reminded of who I am and why I’m here. I was also able to gain some important social skills. Sometimes I think I know it all, but when it really gets down to it, I’m just a local girl from Hawaii too.


So here’s what I learned…


  1. Move on

The biggest theme of the whole pageant was to “move on…” and when I write that it kind of sounds like someone just broke up, but that’s not what I mean. The theme really pulled out the concept of “enduring to the end,” and “keep going, even when times are rough.” The pageant followed the story of a faithful couple who travelled from far after they converted to the LDS faith. They joined the trek west with the Mormon Pioneers, and when the wife fell ill and died, the husband repeated the words, “Move on…” I think too many times we give up on things in life because they’re too hard, too long, too time-demanding. But when times get rough, the best thing to do is remember why we started in the first place and then keep moving on.



  1. The pride cycle is real

In any civilization, people have fallen over and over and over again because of pride. Having material things is great, because nobody wants to be poor. However, it’s so easy falling into the trap of pride and forgetting what it was like before having an abundance of material things. I’ve seen people change once they receive an abundance of money, and it makes me so sad, because they don’t see the change in themselves. Money should be used for good and to give, and it’s so easy to become selfish and forget to recognize the hand of God and others.



  1. We have a duty to our country

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hasn’t had it easy with the government since the beginning. The pageant portrayed military men entering the camp of the Mormon Pioneers. Brigham Young, who was prophet at that time, was baffled when the messenger asked that the Mormon Pioneers send men to help aid the U.S. army. After being kicked out of their homes and persecuted for their beliefs by the U.S. Government, the prophet couldn’t believe they’d be asked to send men to help. When he went to pray over the matter, he was reminded of heroes from the Book of Mormon: Captain Moroni, Mormon, and Moroni… and he remembered that, “We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.” And so he sent off his able-bodied men to support our country.


When I saw this, I couldn’t agree more with what was done in that situation. I know our country isn’t perfect, and that many unfair and corrupt things have been done by our government to many individuals and many groups of people. But I love being an American citizen, and I can say I’m proud to be an American. I know a lot of Hawaiians would get upset with a statement like that because they want to be a sovereign nation. However, I stand with Captain Moroni in defending our freedoms and liberty. I want to be able to say and worship and do the things I want, and that’s the beauty of this country, which is why I support it and would defend it.



  1. Jesus is the Christ

SPOILER ALERT (apparently) There was a part where Christ descended and I just felt so much gratitude towards our Savior, and how much love and mercy He has for each of us. I love Him so much!!! ❤



  1. Take bug spray

As soon as we got out of the car, there were mosquitoes buzzing around. As we walked to the pageant, there was a nice guy with a big sign that said “Free bug spray.” So that was nice of him. 😛 I did get a few mosquito bites and as I itched them, I kept saying, “I haven’t had a bite by a mosquito since I was in Hawaii!” and that’s the honest truth!



  1. The Lamanites aren’t played by Native Americans

For some reason I thought there would be plenty of Native Americans wandering around, but the people who played the Lamanites were just white people dressed up all fancy. Some of them even had paint on their faces and arms. The actors for the Manti Pageant were just community members from Manti and neighboring cities, so that was interesting. It was also kind of cute because there were whole families all dressed up and I realized it’s such a family affair.



  1. History has its eyes on you

This is one of my favorite lines from Hamilton, but it wasn’t specifically in the pageant. However, as I watched the characters, I thought of the mark I’m leaving behind. I’m doing my best to ensure it’s a good, positive mark. The purpose of this blog is to discuss my experience as an American-Hawaiian, and going to these types of events reminds me that as I learn more about history, people, and as I meet people at these things, we are all contributing to society, whether it’s in a positive or negative way. But, hopefully it’s a positive way!



  1. Having fun is cool

My videos are really fun for me to put together, but one thing I realized is that people just look kind of stupid when they don’t want to be in it. Or when they’re trying too hard to “be cool.” I don’t even know what cool looks like, because honestly, I’m just trying to have fun. And when you’re having fun, I think that’s cool. As I got to know the people from my ward a little better and met other new people, I realized more than ever that it’s so important to just have fun. That’s how confidence grows as well–getting out of your shell and doing it. 🙂



Overall I really enjoyed my experience at the Manti Pageant. I would highly recommend it because it was very uplifting. The pioneers portrayed in the pageant reminded me of my ancestors and all the sacrifices they made so I could be here today. History sure has its eyes on us, and it’s up to us to ensure we leave a good record in the books, not just here on earth, but after as well.


Watch the video here too!


Was there an event you attended lately that you enjoyed? Comment below! Also please like and share this post! Mahalo!! ❤ -Lei

One thought on “8 Things I Learned at the Manti Pageant

Add yours

  1. This blog is based in a Hawaiian “local” theme
    I will comment on the things Lei learned at this pageant from a local perspective.
    Before I do this I ask da question
    What is local? What is hawaiian.?
    DNA defines who is hawaiian. Even then most locals are more Chinese Pilipino, Japanese, Caucasian, Samoan etc. blends than hawaiian.
    I have known two pure Hawaiians .
    So what is hawaiian and how do the things learned at this pageant reflect our local way.?
    1. Move on
    The world watched pele “move on ” flowing as she approached a town called Pahoa.
    We saw the struggle of people packing to leave years of life and family memories behind .
    We supported each other neva mine you one Philippino or haoli o hawaiian.Pele no kea if you half Hawaaian o haoli when she like come.

    2. Pride
    Everybody get em.
    Here there is a thing locals do
    Ya know? Like someone want a talk
    story but da sista o braddah no like talk cuz da person one malaheni o not local or no look or act da way like um act. So they to da kine ignore .
    No like invest in da person or show consideration that the braddah o sista as one person. No like be a friend. Do da passive aggressive or ignore thing.
    So junk… No aloha!
    Pride ! When someone talks to us aloha is shown when we from our heart answer. With honesty and compassion.
    3. Country
    No one owns da islands! No one owns the country,
    Just because we have some DNA doesn’t make us betta or give us more say or power over any part of earth.
    Shame when some do dis!
    4. Jesus Christ
    I have heard about him all my life.
    You want to know aloha? Jesus Christ is the only one that is Aloha.
    We can try local, hawaiian Japanese
    etc. he showed us how.
    Be kind, caring, outside yourself.
    5. I watch people get bug trouble.
    What we eat and our diet will attractive bugs.
    6. Its all acting. We all act.
    Plenty pretending in the world. We can be who we are or who we think we are or need to be based on the world.
    I get flabby thighs but I can out work plenty cute fit sistas:)
    7.History has its eyes on you
    Now is all we have. Every minute!
    Relationships and the aloha we bring to them is what matters.
    Our history will speak for itself. Awareness of history, our history is the first part of change for us in being who we really are… Never mind DNA.
    8. Fun! How to have fun?
    Its fun to make others happy.
    Its fun to bring joy.
    Its fun to work and love to work:)
    Its fun to get thru the challenges, usually after we are thru them. Growth is fun.

    We are never lost, we wander.
    Together we share a common genetics that goes way beyond how many musubi we can grind! Its spiritual. The pageant highlighted that ya think?


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