The Truth About Summer Bodies

Sweet Tooth Delights You Can Get on the Mainland

I’m so ready to have a good summer. I’m excited to eat more watermelon, maybe find a good shave ice place in Utah, and, above all, get fit. Of course the idea situation is that you would want to get fit before summer hits, but hey, better late than never right?


What are your goals this summer? I’m getting summer fever and am sooooo ready to do some fun things here in Utah, but the biggest thing I want to do this summer is get healthy. I’ve been pretty fit but I can definitely tone up. I’m sure you’re on a health and fitness journey of your own, but summer seems to be that time when it really matters to look and feel good. In winter you can cover up, but during summer the goal is to wear the least amount of clothes to stay cool. Do you ever get tired of just feeling like you can’t fit the clothes you want? Or, now that summer has hit, it’s the ultimate swimsuit season, and there’s no really going around that (unless you local-girl it up with a bikini and tank top over it). When you step into that bathing suit, isn’t it the worst to see the cellulite or flabby arms or love handles poking out or jiggling here and there? Nobody wants that.


The hardest part, too, is that food is SO good. Maybe you feel a little self-conscious getting some extra potato salad at the BBQ, or eating too many Smores, or you might be at home with your kids and wishing you could get it together with your body. Maybe you’re not even into eating healthy or working out but you see other people doing it and kinda wish you could get fit too. I think it’s important to look and feel good. People say that those who focus on looks are  body shamers, but I don’t think that’s true at all. Ever since I made the jump to become a fitness coach, it’s changed my whole perspective because I realize that when you aren’t fit or trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it takes a toll on your emotional, mental, and sometimes your spiritual well-being.


Yes, working out is hard. Yes, eating healthy is hard. It’s hard to make those lifestyle changes and really feel like you’re getting somewhere with your health. And it’s especially hard when you first try working out and feel like nothing’s changing–your body still looks the same, despite all your efforts to workout and eat healthy. But I stumbled across this quote and feel like it exemplifies this concept perfectly.


One day or day one. You decide.


It’s better to start now than to never start at all. It takes time for your body to change and adjust, and it’s also a mind thing. I know that when I made the shift to eating healthier, it was hard. Really…. Hard… Because I love my local foods, and I’m such a Polynesian. I go to food for comfort and happiness. I’ve found, however, that I can still eat good foods, but just modify them a little to be healthier. AND, I can treat myself to local foods every now and then–not everyday, but I can still enjoy them once in awhile. Also, working out and eating healthy gets easier and easier. It takes at least 21 days to develop good habits, and that’s exactly what my fitness program is all about.


I know that for me, this summer I want to hit up a bunch of large bodies of water (article on that coming soon!), and it’s definitely a huge confidence boost for me to have a nice body–a body where I don’t have to worry about what I wear or sucking anything in, or changing clothes until I feel like I look ok.


I didn’t want to put a plug in here because this is my Hawaii-mainland page, but if you’re ready to hit the beach, the lake, or the pool, or if you want to just shape up, it’s nice to have a nice body. What are you going to do to get hot this summer? I don’t think there’s any shame in changing your lifestyle to be healthier and tone up. Besides, if you don’t start now, then when?


Feel free to message me for details on fitness programs, either on my contact page or on my facebook page, because as a fitness coach, I’m here for YOU! Make this the summer where you decided to change your life and literally shape up!



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