The Real Reason I Started this Blog

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I think a lot of people wonder what’s the point of this blog? Who’s going to read it? Why even try creating a blog for locals when they’re so diverse? Also, how can you make money off of a blog? “You can’t make money off a blog like this.”


To be completely honest, these questions and objections have come up time and again as I’ve shared with friends, families, and strangers about my blogging and how my dream is to be able to write and make money off of my blogging (along with my fitness coaching on the side). But that’s not the real reason I’m writing this blog. I’m doing it because it’s something I love and that I’m passionate about. It would be a waste of my time (and yours) if I were writing about things I didn’t care about.


Because I’ve been receiving a lot of questions and being doubted (and judged haha), I decided to write this blog post to explain the real reasons I started this blog. I figured it’s about time I share the why behind what I’m doing, because it’s what helps connect us. There’s a story behind everything we do, and here are the real reasons I started this blog.



It’s something I absolutely love doing

I love Hawaii. I love being a local girl. I love speaking Pidgin English and eating Hawaiian food. When you’re away from all of Hawaii, of course, it’s different. I love that I get to experience so many new things, yet still have the aloha spirit with me. But what I especially love is that through this blog, I have the ability to write and share my stories. And then I love hearing other peoples’ stories in return. 



I want to share my mana’o and experiences

My experience does not in any way encompass or represent every Hawaiian’s experience as he or she lives away from the islands. However, there are some universal things I’ve experienced that I’m sure locals will relate to and understand. There are also some things I’ve experienced that many people (locals or not) will be able to gain insight and perspective from. The American-Hawaiian experience is unique and it’s something that should receive attention, esp for people seeking understanding of other cultures.


It’s a way of keeping records

The Hawaiians always kept records, especially oral records. Writing this blog is my way of making history. In today’s world, there’s so much confusion that it’ll be nice to look back at this time and say, “Ah, so that’s where the Hawaiians were at in that point of history.”



It’s a way to build a community (that is family friendly)

There’s a lot of yucky stuff out there. I was following a few pages of people who were from Hawaii. They started out funny and I just loved the local humor, but then they grew more and more crass, crude, and just plain gross. I want to build a community of locals who can relate with each other and laugh about the funny things we get to experience as we live abroad.



I want to promote Hawaii

It doesn’t really need promotion because everyone knows it’s pretty awesome, but I want to amp that up. But when I say amp it up, I really mean that I’ll be honest about it. I love Hawaii, but there are always pros and cons.



It gives me a sense of place

This is probably the biggest reason I’ve started this blog. All my life I’ve felt like I’ve lived in two worlds: my Hawaii world and my other world. In my Hawaii world, I’m a local girl speaking Pidgin English with my hair in a tita bun and my skin is always tan. In my other world, I speak proper English and straighten my hair everyday, and I’m always making sure I promote Hawaii in a good way. But there’s a point I reached where I realized: WHY am I living in two worlds? I can be both, and it’s OK. I am a culmination of all my experiences and knowledge. Writing this blog has helped give me a sense of place: I can be lost on da mainland, but still be me–a happy, Hawaiian, cultured, and well-traveled girl.



Overall, I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and I’m excited to see where it will take me. Will it take a while to pick up? Maybe, but I know that with the support of my good family and friends, and with God’s help, anything is possible! Is it scary to put yourself out there and get started? Yes. But wela ka hao – Strike while the iron is hot. Taking a step now is better than taking no steps at all. 🙂 


Mahalo nui loa for the continued support. Please continue to like and share my posts! It means the world to me. ❤ 


Lots and lots of aloha,

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  1. Sarah, I have thoroughly loved reading your lostondamainland blogs! What you have said I so understand and can relate to. What a wonderful video of Esther’s wedding and how radiant she looked. What a beautiful day that was for all of you! We are now living (and sometimes kinda lost) on the mainland ourselves. We must reconnect again somehow. Take care sweet Sarah/Leialoha! Lolomas from Mickey Bauer aka Sister Bauer aka Aunty Mickey


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