Triggers of Hawaii Fever & Nostalgia

Sweet Tooth Delights You Can Get on the Mainland-2

It’s snowing today. It’s the middle of May and it’s snowing. The weather is crisp and cold, and small drifts of snow fall from the sky. WHY is it snowing… especially right now? We’re almost halfway through the year and it’s snowing. Well, it definitely makes me miss the warm, and appreciate the nice weather in the islands. With that said, I started to feel a little nostalgic today. I visited St George this past weekend and the palm trees and hot desert air was a nice change from the crispiness of this mid-May snowy weather. But it also made me miss home.  

So here are some things that make me nostalgic for Hawaii:


Sunshine–lots of it

I’m a bit obsessed with the sun, I’ll admit.  This girl is prone to winter blues if there’s no sun out. And I know a lot of other Polynesians who don’t feel the same, because they actually really enjoy the coolness up here. I have a friend who says, “I don’t like the hot!” which is why she’d rather live here than Hawaii.


Moana Movie

I didn’t like this movie at first but then it really started to grow on me, especially the beauty of the ocean and Moana’s hair–her hair is awesome! The movement and reality of the waves (especially her getting pounded) definitely stirs up feelings of longing. The music and dancing, even if it’s a huge mashup of the various Polynesian culture (which I’m not a fan of), was really cool too.


Being with or around other Polynesians

I don’t even have to be talking to them. When I go to the gym and see other Polynesians around (or if someone is wearing a Hawaii shirt), I just feel like I’m missing out on something. I used to make more of an effort to smile at or nod to these people (and sometimes speak Pidgin English with them), but I’ve kind of stopped because they don’t recognize me as Hawaiian (apparently I’m too white or something) and Pidgin English is out of context.



It doesn’t even have to be with anything. This might be my Filipino side, but sometimes I just get cravings for rice and I come home and make rice just to eat it with something else. I don’t know why it’s so delicious, or why I crave it so much (there was one point in my life that I completely stopped eating rice), but it’s just so yummy.


Driving on two-lane roads

Freeways are wide and fast, but driving on backroad highways and country roads remind me so much of Hawaii. Also, the scenery is much better on country roads. 🙂



I’m really not a fan of the song Red Wine, which is played a lot on the radio over here in Utah. But I do know that a lot of contemporary songs lately have been using that reggea/Jawaiian beat (there’s usually a chord played on the first quarter of each stanza). Twenty One Pilot’s Ride and Ariadne Grande’s Side by Side are good examples of this.


Large bodies of water

I’m a big fan of reservoirs, lakes, and springs. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re so good for the environment. It’s comforting to see large bodies of water and just the view of it is enough to soothe a yearning soul.


Wearing slippers

When it’s not snowing in the middle of May, it’s a good time to wear slippers. When you feel the breeze going through your toes and the sun finally reaching your feet, you can’t help but close your eyes and go back to the islands.

I know that I was feeling a little nostalgic through the cold snow of this day, but there are always ways to cope with the islands pulling at your heartstrings. Are there some things in the mainland that make you nostalgic for Hawaii? What do you do to cope with it? Like, share, and comment below! 🙂

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