Reasons Hawaii Locals Laugh So Much


If you’ve become good friends with a local from Hawaii, you’ll quickly learn that they laugh A TON. If you are the local from Hawaii, you might not even pick up on the fact that you laugh a lot, but we really do laugh so much in comparison to the cultures and people around us. Regardless of who you are, here are some reasons Hawaii locals laugh so much.

It’s funny

Honestly, if you crack a joke, most locals will laugh at it no matter how stupid it is. Maybe it’s just that we locals were programmed to laugh at even the slightest joke. We will absolutely crack up at the jokes we use (come on, who hasn’t used the “Knock knock mima” joke on a person you don’t like?!) but seriously, we’re probably laughing because the situation or joke really is funny.

It’s stupid

Locals will laugh even if it’s not funny. The situation may be completely stupid, but they’ll still laugh at it because it was just that dumb.

They’re making fun of you

Honestly mainlanders say the funniest things, and we can’t help but laugh at how stupid that thing was you just said or did.

They’re making fun of themselves

We know how to laugh at ourselves. We know we’re not perfect and that we have issues too. So instead of getting all frazzled about it, we laugh about it. Maybe sometimes we laugh hysterically at more serious situations, but what else is there to do? Just gotta laugh it off and move on!

Because why does everything have to be serious?

If you’re trying to have a serious conversation, like a dtr, making plans, or talking business, they might still be laughing. We don’t really know how to be completely serious because life’s too short to be mad or sad or solemn about anything for too long. Locals will laugh, even a little, when they’re in serious situations.

Was there something a Hawaii local laughed at that was different to you? Share in the comments below!

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